Cambridge Nature Art Challenge

The link to participate is here:

如果你的孩子在剑桥公立学校上1-5年级,欢迎参加剑桥市“自然之艺术挑战”,截止日期5/2号,得奖者会获得50$ gift card。我荣幸被邀请作为这项活动的评委,欢迎在此报名:

A sunny spring day


I have known from the very beginning that I should give up and repaint this painting. However, it feels like that we refuse to accept loss on the stock market to let go . But also like on the stock market, there are lessons to be learned from winning or losing. This is the result of perseverance. The weeping cherry tree on the right had not only bloomed and faded in a week, but also has grown yellow-green leaves the size of dimes and nickels.